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Software Testing

Applying software testing techniques at all development phases, we ensure the quality of web and mobile products delivered. With Prosperity Software approach, you have no worries of the system functionality, reliability, and performance.

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Software testing services

Get these services as a part of our software development process or by your request

Requirements testing

Uncover all possible gaps and use cases in the requirements specification.

Usability testing

Take a look at the way it is easy for your customers to use your web and mobile applications.

Functional and non- functional testing

Confirm the full system functionality and its flawless operation.

Compatibility testing

Ensure of application compatibility across different browsers, operational systems, databases, resolution displays, and devices.

Performance testing

Ensure your system can handle heavy loads and instability caused by technical issues.

Automation testing

Apply various tools and scripts to reduce risks of human errors with manual testing.

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At an early stage of our collaboration, we put “quality first” in all our words and deliverables. This is how we achieve a beneficial partnership with our customers.
Software Testing Advantages
Reduce extra costs

When starting testing from the requirements elicitation phase up to implementation and maintenance, there is more likely to have fewer fixes at the delivery line. With early testing, you save your budget.

Enhance usability and functionality

Identify potential usability and functionality issues at early stages to deliver stable and easy to use software products.

Speed up your delivery

Having software test engineers in a team from the very beginning helps to assess project requirements and make necessary improvements before the official development has even started. This way, you optimize your costs needed for any possible fix that may occur in the final stages and speed up your time to market.

Build customer confidence

Poor quality ultimately affects customer confidence with your product and brand. When a customer perceives a software product to be of high quality, it could lead to loyalty and revenue growth.

In Prosperity Software, we cultivate a testing culture at all levels. We cover our code with unit tests and continuously improve our software development and testing processes. So that our customers and their end-users can both benefit from having a high-level quality product.
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